Only Private Experiences

It’s only you, your travel companion(s) and your new local friend. You will never be part of a big, boring, messy group. We offer only private experiences that adapt to you, your interests and your needs. All the people you meet are vetted authorized and qualified professionals whose work make a positive impact.

Designed for Positive Impact

All our experiences and tours are designed to make it easy and fun for you to participate in the preservation and regeneration of the local economy, community and heritage. By choosing Venezia Autentica Experience, you will leave Venice with unique memories and having made a positive impact! It is a guarantee.

An expense that matters

Wondering where your money goes? This is what happens when you book with us: your new local friend is compensated exactly what (s)he asked for her/his work. We never negotiate, we never ask questions, we actually even help artisans to price in a way that fairly compensate them. We use the margin to keep on advancing our mission.